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A Neapolitan Silhouette in a Half-Canvas Construction

I mentioned yesterday that Spier & Mackay is a company I’ve been keeping my eye on lately. They are known most for their shirts (both OTR and MTM), but have expanded into a full line including tailored jackets, trousers, outerwear, and sweaters. Last season they introduced a new cut called the “Neapolitan,” so named for being in the style of Neapolitan tailoring (all of Spier & Mackay’s goods are manufactured in China). I tried it then, and found the fit wanting (I tried the  ...

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Great Things Coming Soon

Welcome to Menswear Musings’ new home. My little blog has come a long way since I originally began with hand-writing mostly quotes from blogs I admired (like Die, Workwear! and Put This On) in Dry Erase on my office window 6 years ago. I’ve got some ideas for where I want to take this site, and this new platform is the first step in realizing those ideas. So please excuse me as I work out the tech side of things. Cheers! Mitch

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The Joys of a Seasonal Wardrobe

Most people are not into clothes—or at least, they wouldn’t consider fashion/style/clothing a hobby. I do count it a hobby, but I also distinctly remember turning up my nose at such an idea. Once I decided yeah, this is something I want to get into, I started figuring out what I liked and what my “style” is. But that in turn resulted in a great burden that nobody really tells you about: once you have a vision for what you want to wear, what you already own is probably awful by  ...

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