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RIP Glenn O’Brien—His Advice’s Lasting Effect on My Style

Yesterday I wrote up a little piece for Styleforum’s blog about myself, my style, etc. for their recurring “member profile” feature. Since I only wrote this yesterday, Glenn O’Brien was on my mind. I only just followed him on Twitter and scoped his website. So to hear of his death today was that much more of a shock for me than if it had been a week ago. Below is an excerpt from what I wrote; a piece of advice Glenn gave in GQ nearly ten years ago has been foundational in the development of  ...

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Summer Shoe Conundrum

wellwornwornwell: It’s odd that the most laid back of seasons should be so high maintenance. Too hot, sunny and humid for uniforms of surrounding seasons, it demands a whole new thought process; your undivided attention. It’s fitting Summer should be the name of hippy girl with a trust fund.   While I have waxed and waned on the allures and pitfalls of summer, it seems an annual ritual that I contemplate some facet of my wardrobe ill-equipped to battle the vicious, leisurely elements. Last  ...

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Menswear Musings Recommends

The Joy, the Anxiety, the Love of Pleated Trousers Never thought I’d buy pleated trousers on purpose, yet here we are. It’s kind of a one-off pair of pants I pre-ordered from Eidos through No Man Walks Alone. Eidos’ two normal trouser cuts are the mid-rise UAB and the high-rise Sal, both flat front. But this model is their rarely sold Lorenzo model, only available as a made-to-order option (FYI Marcus Malmborg is currently taking made-to-order trouser orders through April 9, including the  ...

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