Menswear Musings


Try Linen-Blend Trousers for Summer

I feel like I get stuck in a rut with my style. Particularly when it comes to trousers—”jeans or khakis, which will it be today?” Since I don’t have a strong business dress code at work, those two categories of trousers are usually what I wear. Both are machine washable so I’m less worried about normal stains, and wear and tear is less problematic given their more rugged construction and fabrics. But I do have reason to dress up a bit more regularly—weekly church  ...

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The Radical Act of Perfecting the Basics

Today I wore an outfit I sometimes think of as extremely boring: a navy blazer, solid pale blue shirt, off-white cotton-linen trousers and snuff suede loafers. It is my basic summer uniform—the warm weather, southern Italian-inspired equivalent of the “security guard” look (of navy blazer with gray trousers). When getting dressed, I sometimes find myself searching for something, anything else besides these typical components, because I feel they are too basic. And so I’ve been acquiring  ...

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