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Spring Picks, Part 2

I realized after publishing my “Spring picks” list a couple weeks ago that it was probably misnamed because it was essentially just a No Man Walks Alone new product alert post. So I figured the way to rectify that was to post more stuff I like for spring and summer. So here are some things from my typical haunts that I like the looks of. Some of the picks are variations on something I already own, some are things I’m looking at buying myself, some are things I like and  ...

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Jeans With a Sport Coat—Some Thoughts

Wearing jeans with a tailored jacket can be tricky. While many posts on this subject focus on the details of the jacket (fabric, fit, silhouette, etc.), I just wanted to put some thoughts down about the jeans part of the equation. There’s no easy list of guidelines for choosing jeans that will look good paired with a tailored jacket. Recently on Styleforum, someone launched a thread dedicated to the topic, and there have been some really great contributions. Nobody there has come up  ...

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