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Why Tailored Clothes Are Still Exciting

“I think it’s nice to wear a tie out and about more often, even just like going to the movies,” the sales guy at J.Crew said, and I was in total agreement. It was about 2009, and I was looking at a mid-gray wool tie with diagonal light pencil stripes. The Ludlow suit and all its attendant accessories—like that tie—was taking the world by storm. The heyday of tailored clothing as the thing cool guys wore was in full swing, and I was right on board. Six years ago, guys were walking around  ...

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20% Off Everything eBay flash sale—12 hours today only. Ends 8pm EST.

20% off flash sale—12 hours today only at eBay. Ends 8pm EST. Step 1. Sign up for eBates here (referral link) Step 2. Go to Step 3. Find anything you want to buy, and use code PSPRING20 to get 20% (up to $100 total discount). Step 4. eBates is giving up to 10% cashback on purchases. It’s 8% on clothing. The eBay seller Sartoria di Lusso has a mega selection of Eidos samples from Isaia. With his normal 2-day DHL shipping, the total price for an Eidos sportcoat (such as the one  ...

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UPDATE—20% off—Eidos Charcoal Large Prince of Wales Suit

UPDATE 3/9/18—Get 20% off this suit today only using code PSPRING20. It’s a 12-hour sale, lasts only until 8pm EST. The discount is up to $100 total. I recently got this charcoal sportcoat, in the No Man Walks Alone cut, from eBay seller sartoriadilusso. It’s a great fabric that would make for a magnificent suit—in fact, Antonio himself said he envisioned it as a suit. Well lo and behold, that seller has just listed a trio of a suit in that exact fabric—in the Ciro cut, which is  ...

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