My Style, and Recommended Shops

My Style

I liked clothes for a while before figuring out just how I wanted to dress. Perhaps you are in that position now—wanting to dress well, but not quite sure exactly what “works” for you, or even just what coherent set of stylistic choices you like best. If so, and if you like the way I dress, perhaps a short explanation of my style will help you as you sort things out for yourself.

I’d describe my style as an updated Ivy League with a good dose of Southern Italian tailoring influence. Ivy appeals to me because it has an easiness about it—comfortable and easy to look good in with minimal effort. The actual Ivy clothes worn in the mid-century fit a certain way, however, which to my eye often looks boxy. My penchant is for updated cuts (not skinny or slim, but indeed with more emphasis on shape) with better, contemporary fabrics. Though, it’s still tough to beat a brown herringbone tweed jacket.

Southern Italian tailoring traditions inspire me because of the carefree, lived-in and comfortable way they wear tailored clothes. I love tailored clothing for the way it flatters me and inspires confidence, so more often than not that’s what I’ll be wearing out and about in public. But that can bring with it a concern of being overdressed, depending on the context. The attitude behind Southern Italian tailoring helps alleviate that feeling for me (though to be honest, rare is the person who notices the differences between tailoring styles).

Eidos was my go-to brand for years, as original creative director Antonio Ciongoli infused the brand with these exact two sensibilities heavily, particularly in the first few collections. The brand changed over time, and has now moved in a completely new direction under a new creative director, Simon Spurr. His aesthetic for Eidos is nothing like what I like (though there’s always a sweater or pair of jeans you can find inspiration in). 

As my life circumstances change (first baby on the way!), and as I grow, I’m expanding my horizons a bit, particularly in the casual realm. But these two style influences are still the pillars of my daily clothing choices and preferences. I hope you enjoy my style and writing!

Recommended Brands and Shops

Of course I love Eidos, but I wear a lot of other brands, too. Here are the shops I have bookmarked and shop at regularly.


I love this store's entire premise, and their product delivers. Their aesthetic is fantastic, and their quality matches it.

Berg & Berg

This is an awesome, economical shop with attractively designed menswear. I vouch strongly for their ties, and am anxious to try their polos and tailored jackets (which are the most exciting thing since Eidos, in my opinion).

Ralph Lauren

Lots to love from Ralph, though the primary things I've gotten from him the last several years have been shoes and ties. That said, he's got some of the most killer outerwear, and his tailoring options can be great—less boring and better styling, generally, than Brooks Brothers.


I troll eBay almost every day. I have saved searches for all kinds of things. High-end suits and Italian label sport coats for instance.

No Man Walks Alone

This shop carries some of the best and most interesting clothing from some difficult to find labels. A majority of my Eidos sportcoats are the NMWA-exclusive cut. But they also carry an excellently curated selection of brands that cover the gamut from streetwear to high tailoring. A definite bookmark.

Proper Cloth

These guys do great online made-to-measure shirts. Two of my most-worn, favorite shirts are from there. I prefer the Soft Roma Cutaway and Soft Ivy Button-Down collars for most everything, with Soft Roma Spread for shirts I know I'll only ever wear with a tie. This link gets you $20 off your first order.


Not quite the powerhouse it once was, but I still love a lot of the ideas J.Crew puts out. Especially for someone at the beginning of building a wardrobe, it is an excellent place to get some solid menswear.

Abercrombie & Fitch

Yes you read that right. While my closet isn't filled with it, some of my favorite sweaters and jeans are from Abercrombie. What I'm usually looking for there is outerwear, knitwear and casual stuff I don't want to pay too much for (like pajama pants or tees).

Spier & Mackay

This Canadian brand packs a lot of value in good-quality menswear. They are aiming to be a viable competitor to SuitSupply, with a similar-quality product, only for less money in most cases. I particularly love their trousers and chinos, and am keeping a close eye on their tailored jackets.

Brooks Brothers

I look here for quality shoes (Peal & Co. in particular), classic ties and Oxford button-down shirts, knitwear and outerwear. I look at their Red Fleece line for casual knitwear, and I have a few pairs of Red Fleece chinos too.

American Eagle

Another mall brand that I'm all about for certain things. I shop online to avoid feeling old (ha!). But in particular, I buy their jeans (slim-straight is my favorite silhouette of theirs) and their boxers.

Suit Supply

These guys make a great product at a great price point. What's great, though, is they use pretty interesting fabrics in their tailoring, so you're not stuck with the same old boring grays and blues all the time.